Hey Chobots!

We’ve got some exciting news to share with our recent progress on Crypcho, and some sneak-peak images to show as-well. Where to begin?

(Early Render of Cafe-St, before textures were applied)

These past few months our main focus has been trying to figure out how to translate the 2D Flash Game of Chobots into a 3D MMO with new and exciting mini-games and items, but also incorporating the things that make us enjoy Chobots in the first place.

(Initial 3D Concept for Chobots Player Model, this has been Brock’s Discord Banner & Profile Picture for a few months now)

The Planet Crypcho will have many different mini-games & collections of items, clothing, and other surprises to unlock as you play the game, which we plan on expanding as time goes on after release. We are expanding into web3 to bring the game previously known as Chobots to new and exciting horizons, but what is web3 and what kinds of things can you expect?

(Early Screenshot of “The Park” not final, on-looking Cafe-St and Mission Street)

Players can choose (not required – please read the bottom of the post) to opt into Play to Earn gaming, we plan to incorporate things such as special currencies to give the player control of the assets they have in-game, extra in-game currency you don’t plan to spend, sell it for some Solana and have the money in your hands! We also plan to add NFT’s so you can actually own your items such as clothing, trading cards, and accessories! this means if you get tired of a piece of clothing or want to upgrade to something newer and cooler you can post it for sale on our public Marketplace currently in development.

(Another slide, showcasing the early render of the 3D Chobot and animations)

This opens us up to some really cool opportunities too like player creations, a place for you to create assets for the game and post for sale on the Marketplace that will fully function in the game! How cool is that?! Don’t think we forgot about mini games. We have a few in development already that we want to slowly add into the world, a few examples are Sweet Battle Royale (or “SWB” for short) you can free-roam battle for the win in a food fight in different locations with a battle companion (pet) by your side!

We have a few maps set to release for this that we think everyone will enjoy! This game will have team modes along with Solo. A few other cool concepts which haven’t been named or finalized yet may consist of Robot Battles, Space Racing, Hide-N-Seek, and Card Battles.

Hope we haven’t scared you away yet, because if you’re not interested in NFT’s or the Cryptocurrency side of things don’t worry! These won’t be required to play the game at all as stated above! You won’t miss out on anything either, if you ever choose to link your wallet at a later date, your currency (in-game balance) and items, clothing, and other surprises we have in-store will be transferred to you.

Thanks for sticking around for such a long post, we will be following up with regular dev logs in the near future.


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