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Temporarily disabled until we can discover the issue with rewarding items to users Hello Chobots, Today I’m really excited to announce our brand new […]
Hey Chobots! We’ve got some exciting news to share with our recent progress on Crypcho, and some sneak-peak images to show as-well. Where to […]
Hello Chobots! It’s been awhile, we’ve been busy at work on the Discord & a brand new update for you all! Let’s get into […]

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Waddle around the Island of Club Penguin again, with the option of playing the Classic Club Penguin or the Modern Club Penguin – Interact with all users regardless of which client you are playing.

Experience the Chobots world once more, with more features then ever before. is free to play, and is hosted as a preservation project.

The Chobots Wiki is a preservation project that is dedicated to detailing the history of Chobots and to serve as a reminder or resource to teach you what the game was about, and what happened.

Help test out new and experimental features that we are working on for! User’s can interact with each other regardless of which version they are playing, receive exclusive bonuses for helping!

Our awesome team


Tech Junkie

Brock owns and operates RMTT.ICU and all of its related services.


Web Development/UX

Hershey works on and handles the Front-End User Experience.



e26mi is a Moderator on Chobots & our Discord.



Antonio is a Moderator on Chobots, and also helped with the MacOS Client.



Doobie is a Moderator on Chobots & our Discord.



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